Travis Scott - Meadow Creek Lyrics

What we gon' do with that boy?
Fuck I lost my mind
I've been runnin' since a quarter eight on the dirt road straight out The Mo'
Flip the bird 'fore a nigga faint
Fuck moms think a nigga strung on dope, niggas thinkin' I can't
Shit you wanna know me?
Let me show your ass a little thing
Every time I walk in this bitch, fresh, feeling my fir for the fish
She want to hold a nigga dick for the piss
To the squat for the flick
Give me yo thoughts for a bit
Right, gon' hit the weed, gon' head just cough little bit
Cum in her mouth but couple kids lost, coulda been a good spouse
Mom: Wake the fuck up baby Jacques!
Travis: Fuck, I was dreamin'!
Dad: Junior, get the fuck up!
Travis: Fuck, I cummed on my boxers, fuck!
Dad: Get yo ass up boy!
Travis: Fuck they want? Fuck!
Mom: Baby Jacques, wake the fuck up! Get yo ass downstairs!
Travis: Shut up, bitch, fuck!
Dad: Junior! Junior! Junior! What the hell!?
Travis: I gotta get the fuck out of here, fuck this...