Twang and Round - Grand Daddy Long Legs Lyrics

Look at all them granddaddy Longlegs y'all!
Grandaddy oh Grandaddy
Here I go again pour another round
Grandaddy walking all around this town
Walking on the wall to that new south sound
Barstool perched like I'm Eddie with the crown
Love it leave it down to repeat it
They always feel they need it
Man I wanna see it
Proof is the truth and its high as the roof
Pour it up like dancing to some too live crew
Ass shaking involved she's as bold as she talks
Money pouring out my mouth watch my granddaddy walk
Money tree keeps growing that's the brand that I want
It's a walk to remember where I never fall off
Walking on the wall till the wheels fall off
Buzzing loving damn we got something
Granddaddy walking to the beat that's bumping
Long legs jumping while the liquor still running
I throw my hands back and shout it out get out on the floor Grandaddy walking all night long!
About that time Grandaddy on the line
It's my state of mind when I rock it all night
If this is wrong I don't wanna be right
Grandaddy Longlegs all damn night
Walking on the wall round my porch light
Dancing on a mission for the heat of the night
Bluegrass sky clouds roll by
Loving letting bettin everything in sight
Call my cousins and kin tell em I'm alright
Family and friends I think we might
Gather up a shindig till we all get big
Backyard bouncing making rounds in the rig
Wallkin on the wall
Walking on the wall
Won't be my first time for that last call
Moving shaking drinking till they crawl
Grandaddy long legs walking on the wall